One approach to prevent the accumulation of dust in your plant and to simplify the dosage of the stubborn pigments is to make a liquid preparation of the products. The pigments are dispersed and stabilized with suitable additives in a dissolver or also in a conventional stirrer, filled into drums or containers and transported to the customer.

Schlieper & Heyng is actually a convinced manufacturer of powder pigments, but we also had to find out that there are very convincing arguments for producing such "slurries" and thus being able to offer the customer considerable benefits. The advantages alone in terms of the entry of the pigments into the preparation and significantly improved distribution during the mixing process represent a considerable gain in time and convenience.

For this reason, we have also reintroduced this product range into our production process and offer our entire product range as a service as a liquid preparation. Of course we also process titanium dioxides, pigment blacks, manganese etc. according to your specifications. You provide us with the raw material, if necessary with a recipe, and we make a slurry from it. No problem. Although we naturally prefer to use our own pigments.