On 23.03.2019 it was time again, the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg opened its doors until 25.03.2019. The paint & coatings industry likes to use this opportunity to present its products, but also trends and new technologies in the field of paints and coatings to the national and international public.

Schlieper & Heyng was again represented with its FERROXON pigments at the stand of its partner company CSC Jäklechemie from Nuremberg. As in previous years, a colourful mix of many interested parties and customers accepted the invitation "Dive into our world" and informed themselves about new developments and exchanged information about proven products.

"What's new?" is a question you're sure to be asked at the beginning of the year. "The usual, nothing!" will be many answers.

Well, Schlieper & Heyng has already done a lot of remarkable things last year with our new distribution partner, CSC Jäklechemie GmbH from Nuremberg, and also with the successful ISO 9001 certification.
This year the ECS 2013 will take place again in Nuremberg from 19-21 March. This is the right place for us to demonstrate our partnership and our efficiency. But also a great opportunity to make new contacts, to get to know our new products or simply to meet again after a long time.

You will find our "contact exchange", the joint stand of Schlieper & Heyng and CSC Jäklechemie, in hall 4A, no. 622.
We would be very pleased to welcome you there in pleasant company.

Your FERROXON®- Team

Helping people with disabilities is always very welcome. However, we were very impressed by Mr. Kästlen's idea to train the complex sport of fencing after his retirement from CSC-Jäklechemie to improve the mobility, coordination and concentration of these people. So much so that we are very happy to support the Fürth Musketeers, which he founded, so that the planned expansion of the Fürther Musketiere range of services can also be implemented.

After the ECS 2015 in Nuremberg Dr. Hög and Martin Vieregge-Heyng took advantage of the close proximity to visit the State Performance Centre for foil and epee in Fürth, where the Musketeers meet on Thursdays, and experienced a rousing training session. Especially after the exhausting days at the trade fair, it was nice to see that not only business rules the world, but that sport conveys an enthusiasm and zest for life that is not geared towards economic success.

We are pleased to see how the team around Paul C. Kästlen brings a wonderful sport closer to disabled people, who often do not have the opportunities of a classical career, and thus helps them to achieve better health and a zest for life. Our support is certainly in good hands there!

We wish the musketeers in Fürth all the best for the future!

To the Musketieren Fürth...

As 2 years ago, the FERROXON pigments are represented by the partner company CSC Jäklechemie, Nuremberg. After an exciting joint start to the partnership, where we from Schlieper & Heyng presented ourselves to a broad public for the first time together with the team from CSC Jäklechemie, we have since grown together to form a homogeneous team. It was clear early on that the two parties, who come from very different backgrounds, were in good human harmony.
On this basis, we have managed to become a successful 'team', with which the FERROXON pigments have really got off to a good start. At the ECS 2015 you can experience us together and get to know the pillars of our cooperation - the FERROXON pigments.

Visit us at the ECS in Nuremberg: Hall 4A, Stand 327 We look forward to your visit!

The EG has revised its rules and created a new document to make life a little easier and, of course, safer for end users. In "REGULATION (EU) No. 305/2011 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL" of 9 March 2011, the Construction Products Regulation was improved once again and the "Declaration of Performance" was created. In this declaration, the manufacturer of construction products confirms, in addition to the conformity to the requirements of the harmonized standard (CE), the compliance with the limit values of the prescribed tests. This Declaration of Performance (DoP) is to be issued anew for each calendar year. The increase in product safety for the consumer cannot yet be conclusively assessed from our point of view, but is beyond any doubt due to its origin in the EU committees.

For our FERROXON pigments, we have prepared correspondingly updated documents, which we would be pleased to send you by e-mail if required. We hope to keep the additional paper consumption within limits.

Please use the following links to select the required document. After entering your e-mail address it will be sent immediately:

If you need further information, tests or documents, please contact us, we will be happy to help you!