Some facts about Schlieper & Heyng in brief:

  • 1898 Foundation in the westphalian city Plettenberg as a drop forge
  • 1918 Start of the production of mineral colours in Erbach, today's Nistertal
  • 1945 Reconstruction of the parts of the building largely destroyed in the war
  • 1948 New start with the production of black dyes. Later manganese colours and natural iron oxides
  • 1968 Production of iron oxides on regenerated base
  • 1978 The current company headquarters in the outer area of Nistertal is moved into
  • 1987 Synthetic iron oxides are produced and sold under the brand name FERROXON
  • 1998 The Schlieper & Heyng GmbH & Co. KG is founded

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History of the company

Schlieper & Heyng was founded in 1899 in the westphalian city of Plettenberg, by August Schlieper and Heinrich Heyng as a drop forge. After August Schlieper's death in 1908, Heinrich Heyng continued the company on his own. In 1932, the drop forge was largely destroyed by a hurricane. It was rebuilt, but could no longer go into production.

In 1918 a company was purchased in the city of Erbach, todays Nistertal, which initially produced dry fodder and, from 1923 mineral paints. Hugo Vieregge-Heyng ran this business until 1943, when he took over the company himself.

In autumn 1944 the factory in Erbach was largely destroyed in an air raid with several direct hits. When Gerd Vieregge-Heyng returned from war captivity early in 1945, he made makes makeshift repairs to the preserved parts of the building and, having been drafted into service by the authorities, starts producing fillers for pesticides. On the currency cut-off date of 1948, the customers cancelled all orders.

After that the production of black dyes was first started and expanded. Later, the company switched to manganese colours for the ceramic industry. In 1961 Gerd and Klaus Vieregge-Heyng took over their parents' business together. After 1968 they gained new customers in the concrete industry with the production of iron oxide pigments based on regenerated material. Klaus Vieregge-Heyng left the company in 1976.

In 1978 Schlieper & Heyng moved into a new factory building in the area of Nistertal.

From 1985 onwards synthetic iron oxide pigments were increasingly bought in from England, and after 1988 from China. A Chinese employee is responsible for quality control and organization from an office in Nanjing (China).

Since 1987 a complete range of common iron oxide pigments has been produced and sold under the brand name "FERROXON".

1993 Martin Vieregge-Heyng joined Schlieper & Heyng after completing his studies.

In 1998 the legal form was changed to a GmbH und Co KG. Partners are Gerd and Martin Vieregge-Heyng

At the end of 2004 Martin Vieregge-Heyng takes over his father's shares. He manages the company as executive partner.

In mid-2009 Dr. Ralf Hög joins the company as a further managing partner and fortifies the company's capabilities with new know-how.

In spring 2012 discussions on a strategic cooperation with CSC Jäklechemie GmbH & Co.KG, Nuremberg, take place. An agreement is reached very quickly. It is agreed that CSC Jäklechemie will exclusively distribute FERROXON pigments in the D-A-CH area.