Helping people with disabilities is always very welcome. However, we were very impressed by Mr. Kästlen's idea to train the complex sport of fencing after his retirement from CSC-Jäklechemie to improve the mobility, coordination and concentration of these people. So much so that we are very happy to support the Fürth Musketeers, which he founded, so that the planned expansion of the Fürther Musketiere range of services can also be implemented.

After the ECS 2015 in Nuremberg Dr. Hög and Martin Vieregge-Heyng took advantage of the close proximity to visit the State Performance Centre for foil and epee in Fürth, where the Musketeers meet on Thursdays, and experienced a rousing training session. Especially after the exhausting days at the trade fair, it was nice to see that not only business rules the world, but that sport conveys an enthusiasm and zest for life that is not geared towards economic success.

We are pleased to see how the team around Paul C. Kästlen brings a wonderful sport closer to disabled people, who often do not have the opportunities of a classical career, and thus helps them to achieve better health and a zest for life. Our support is certainly in good hands there!

We wish the musketeers in Fürth all the best for the future!

To the Musketieren Fürth...